Over 100 Telehealth Scheduled Appointments !

Dr. Jesse Slade Shantz and the Acumen team are now 4 weeks into telehealth patient care. We have utilized two-way video conferencing for surgical consults, reconditioning sessions and follow up phone calls and have completed over 100 scheduled appointments. We’re all amazed that our telemedicine patients are happy and satisfied. 

We realize that COVID-19 puts up barriers to orthopedic care but we’re finding there are also benefits of having the ability to use technology. Acumen Clinic has always focused on giving our rural and remote patients the same care as patients in Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna and Vancouver.  Virtual care already formed part of our personalized care before physical distancing became important.

Dr. Jesse Slade Shantz is always putting the patient first in the way he structures care. During the coronavirus pandemic, we are giving patients options. We give them the option to speak and connect with a specialist to discuss their injury, surgery or pain they are experiencing. We also give the option to continue rehabilitation from injury or surgery with a reconditioning specialist. 

From a Reconditioning and rehabilitative perspective, I (LeeAnne) can say that patients find their sessions to be effective. Here are some of the early thoughts I have after providing telerehabilitation sessions over the past years:

The positives!

  1. Patients are happy to have their care continued. Many facilities had to shut down due to the pandemic. Our patients have access to a specialist monitoring their progress and continued care. Making the quick transfer over to telehealth gives patients reassurance mentally and physically. Physically, we have the ability to watch them move via telehealth to make sure they are performing exercises properly and be able to prescribe the next progressions to avoid any setbacks. 
  2. Patient sensory feedback. Because the patient doesn’t have someone (athletic therapist, physiotherapist)  face-to-face to watch over their every move, we are finding patients to be more aware (self and body awareness) of their movements and everyday activities. Patients adhere to the exercises and programs prescribed to them. They have time and are very dedicated to their well-being and continuing their pain-free journey. 
  3. Video recording. It is often that patients only retain 40% of what they hear/learn in a 1-hour session. Coaching cues and details can be overwhelming when teaching someone new movements. Patients have found the “record” option useful. This way, when doing exercises at home, they can listen back to the coaching details they may have forgotten otherwise. 
  4. Improving my coaching skills. Coaching via telehealth has helped me become a better coach. I find I listen to patients, even MORE. I ask specific and direct questions. I give and modify coaching cues that are understandable to the patient. My goal is for patients to be able to hone in on what they FEEL and experience so they can learn along the way. 
  5. Limited Equipment? No problem! The Reconditioning Crew knows how to create efficient ways to rehab or get a good workout in with what you have at home. 

The tough spots!

  1. Technology! Sometimes technology works great and sometimes there can be connection errors, cameras freeze or sound issues occur. Most of the time these can be fixed.
  2. Camera set up- some people use laptops, desktops or cell phones and it can be difficult at times to maneuver screens for best visual presentation of exercises.
  3. No hands-on therapy- but that’s ok! We are finding we can accomplish many at-home self soft tissue release techniques that are beneficial. 

Whether you are a seasoned technology user or just learning to connect with family and friends over Skype, Zoom or FaceTime, the Acumen team can keep you moving towards your health goals from a distance.  

If you want more information on an orthopaedic surgeon consultation call 587-599-5345 or visit https://acumensportsandshoulder.com 

Call 587-599-5345 or visit https://www.acumensportandperformance.com for more information on telerehabilitation services.  When we can start meeting in person, we will reopen our personalized rehabilitation services in Edmonton, Calgary and Kelowna.  As always, we will continue to offer virtual reconditioning visits for distant patients.

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